Tiny Stars has been active since 2000. We fund Covert Intelligence Service agents to bring cases to justice by working closely with FBI, ICE and US Marshals Service. Many of these cases are extremely sensitive and involve private confidential information that cannot be disclosed for fundraising or any other purpose. We honor the privacy of victims above all else. We realize that success stories are helpful in understanding how an organization operates. Tiny Stars does one thing. We raise funds to support CIS agents conduct vital investigations to stop Human and Animal Rights Abusers. By doing this, we have stopped many abusers and prevented tens of thousands of victims from ever knowing abuse. We cannot list a full account of every case, but here are a few:

Case # 1010 Status: ACTIVE

Subject: .

*Names and details have been omitted to protect the integrity of this case.




Estimated expenses to complete this ongoing mission.

Round Trip Airfare from US – 3 Agents


Lodging: 21 days


Under Cover: Entertaining to gain trust


Meals and Misc. Expenses


Transportation: Rental vehicles, additional flights


Protective Surveillance: 10 days







-Status – Closed

Through Covert Intelligence Service, Tiny Stars funded a former CIA officer to solve a case which had been closed due to insufficient evidence. As is often the case, abusers are often released due to insufficient evidence. This is known as “The Revolving Door”. Abusers become much more difficult to prosecute once they learn the system and its flaws. This case was high profile because it involved a senior level government official in Washington, DC. The family had been terrorized by this situation and exhausted all local resources. They heard about CIS through a fundraising team. Enough evidence was gathered to reopen this case and expose much overlooked evidence. This individual received a maximum sentence.


Status – Closed

Tiny Stars became aware of a situation where family members of a victim decided to take matters into their own hands. This is a very common response when insufficient evidence causes a police investigation to be closed. Citizens often jump to the conclusion that law enforcement does not care about their case or that corruption has entered the equation. In most cases we have to inform them that the system only works when a third party can gather enough evidence to prosecute the individual. This situation was escalated to a point where the father of the abuse victim had decided to place a tracking device on the abusers car to follow him to a remote location and kill him.  When a friend realized what he was planning to do she contacted Tiny Stars. CIS was able to build a case through electronic surveillance that led to multiple felonies and a full confession. He received a maximum sentence. 


Status – Closed

Tiny Stars was contacted by a wealthy businessman who wanted to host a fundraiser for the cause. The day after learning about the organization at the event, he received a frantic call from a close friend. She informed him of something she had just witnessed. He immediately called to report the situation.  If law enforcement are called in a situation where there is little or no evidence of an actual crime, littel can be done.  They are happy to look into the situation and do a “Knock and Talk” or “Rap and Tap”, but that just tips off the accused.  If there is not enough to start an investigation, there will be no investigation. If there is no investigation, there is no evidence gathered. If there is no evidence gathered, there is no conviction.  In this instance, CIS was able to gather sufficient evidence and call in the FBI. The investigation was very successful. Once we give cases over to Federal Agents, we have a limited ability to follow the case. CIS is NOT Law Enforcement. Arrests and prosecution are handled by Feds who are very happy to get information given to them. We are here to help them. In some cases when we ask how things turned out, we get status reports. In other cases, we may never know how they are handling the case until it shows up in the paper. In this situation, we were informed. This individual received the maximum sentence.


Status – Closed

Tiny Stars was contacted by an individual who was working on a charity fundraising event and had asked what more he could do to help stop bad guys. He was informed that most cases start with a tip. A few weeks later he was having a conversation with a friend who was living in another state. Her husband was serving in the military and stationed in Iraq. Her husband’s friend who was also a soldier was living in their guest room. She had mentioned how there was something “off” about this individual. He asked her to elaborate a bit and started to discover some interesting things. CIS uncovered evidence that he was a very extreme human rights abuser locally and around the world. A substantial case was built and the FBI was brought in. What the FBI then discovered made this one of the most successful and furthest reaching cases yet. This US soldier received a life sentence.


Status – Closed


Tiny Stars was conducting an international vision trip to show a group of fundraisers how operations work overseas. American criminals often travel overseas with the sole purpose of exploitation. While overseas, they often feel very comfortable knowing that US Federal Agents cannot follow them and conduct investigations against them without great expense and cooperation with Interpol and local governments.. They feel they have freedom to exploit and abuse. For this reason, stationing agents outside the USA in order to catch Americans is commonly the best strategy. On this particular trip, many American bad guys were identified. The trip was not an investigation, but hidden audio and video devices were used. One particular individual introduced himself as Bob and felt very comfortable talking to other Americans about his adventures. Knowing the law enough to know Federal Agents would not pursue him abroad he continued to talk about his exploitation and how he would come back every Tuesday. Speaking directly into a hidden button camera, he gave investigators and the embedded fundraising team a very shocking look into the number of Americans who travel to evade prosecution. He mentioned that he had a group of friends who travel every week. CIS was able to turn evidence over to ICE, who knew who this guy was, but had no idea about what he had been up to all these years. Bob is no longer free to exploit these people and he was very helpful to expose all of his friends.


 Status – Closed

The victim had developed severe Stockholm syndrome and had been forced into the criminal activity of the abuser.  Feeling that any way out would have been a death sentence, the victim felt completely helpless. CIS was able to help get them to a safe location. Once safe, many weeks of therapy and gathering of information began. After enough evidence had been processed, Federal Agents were called in.  While questioning the victim the agents realized they were very well aware of this bad guy and his operations in 7 states. This investigation is currently unsolved.  Federal Agents are very thankful for our continued help and support.



We would like to add new success stories every week or even every day.  This is possible with your support.  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on our volunteer days!